‘In the Palace’ Blog is live! 

Finally the “In the Palace” Blog is live! And you can now see all the articles that have been published and will be published by the participants here. 
There’s a range of subjects from travel, culture, food, sport and personal stories from people in the town of Balchik and Varna. 

Go check it out:   In the Palace Blog

I will be linking to the posts I’ve written in my own diary but I thought I’d put the link here for future reference. Let me know what you think. 

Until Next Time x 

May Loves <3

First of all an apology. I didn’t really have any loves last month but May is my birthday month, so I got lots of new products and clothes to share with you. 


Converse All Star Ox trainers in Jade 

I mentioned these trainers in my ‘What I got for my Birthday’ post but they have barely left my feet since I got them. My former converse were due a trade in and I saw these and fell in love. The classic low top converse will always be my go to trainer style. 

Cat Eye Sunglasses – Topshop (RIP)

I love these sunglasses so much that I’ve been using them even though they’re broken. I bought these at the start of last summer was so sad when the screw fell out at the start of this summer! Is it just me or do sunglasses make a pact to break every year just when you need them. I’m out here in Bulgaria, so hopefully I’ll be able to pick up some new ones on my travels.  

Ever After pyjamas – Topshop 

Another one of my birthday presents and a useful addition to my suitcase in Bulgaria, as these are short and light enough to be worn when the weather gets hot. I’ve even worn the top out on a night out, as its quite casual here. 


Lorenz Crunchcrips – Paprika 

Pretty much a staple for every time I go on holiday, I go searching for these crisps (And Cheetos). I’ve seen them in some shops in the UK, but they just remind me of summer. A packet of Crunchchips, lying by the pool, sun on my face and I am one happy girl. 

Strawberries  (Yagodi)

If you think of British summer time, you think of strawberries. In Bulgaria, they seem to think the same thing. We first tried them as a free gift from a restaurant owner and they were so sweet. Ever since they’ve made a wonderful addition to our beach blogging sessions. 

Mr Whippy 
I was lucky that I had my first Mr Whippy fresh from an ice cream van before I left so I got to taste that delicious, childhood taste once more before I left. Hopefully I can have some more when I return to England. 


Apeman Sports Camera (14mp) 

Settle in for story time kids.

 As mentioned, I’m currently on a media volunteering trip in Bulgaria and I wanted a new sports camera to capture the ‘on-the-go’ action. U turned to the cheaper alternatives as I haven’t got the money for a proper one and didn’t know whether I wanted to make the commitment. So I ordered a 14mp one on Amazon, when it arrived it was only 12mp, so I sent that one back and ordered another one. Same story the second time, so I gave up on that brand and tried the Apeman. Long story short this camera is great for capturing all the fun moments on this trip. 

Thanks for reading, let me know what you’ve been loving this month. 

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40 Days in Bulgaria – Introducing #travelworkshop 

So I quit my job, now what? 
For a little while I’ve been stuck wondering, as a lot of people do, if this is really it. You get a job that you kind of like but there’s a part of you that longs for more. For adventure. When I was younger I complained and stopped my parents from moving our lives abroad but now I just want to be travelling and taking a visual diary of what I see along the way. That’s where the Travel Workshop, Newsroom in the Palace and Bulgaria come in. 

So what is Newsroom in the Palace? 

It is a large scale European Volunteering Scheme that will take place in Bulgaria and involve 75 people from 15 different countries. It centres around an international film festival called “14th in the palace” which the volunteers will be reporting on. All of the volunteers are from journalistic, blogging, video making and cultural arts backgrounds and will be spending 40 days in Bulgaria, first training and then reporting on the festival. 

That sounds like an extended holiday, why quit? 
Why not? And when was the last time you tried to take 40 days off as annual leave? But the real reason is that I’m moving house! Yayy! Just after I said that we wouldn’t be moving for ages, we found the house and it’s got an attic, we are very excited. So I won’t be returning to my current location after I come back so a job move and a clean break was the best option. 

But what about the Attic Workshop

Don’t worry, it will be back. The content on my Instagram, YouTube and blog will be more travel and lifestyle related for my time in Bulgaria and for a little while after I come back. As mentioned before, this is a volunteer trip and I don’t have a job, which means very little in the way of income. However I’m not done with cosplay yet, ive got so many ideas for when I return and I hope with my new dedicated space, I can create my best costumes yet! 

Sounds fantastic! How can we follow all of this? 

Im glad you asked, you can follow the updates by following my social media links below:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/attic_workshop/&nbsp;

Twitter: @atticworkshop1 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9XSvH7HJJy7Iqz8DjMtFbA&nbsp;

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What I got for my Birthday 2017

Last week I turned 24 and went down to London twice to celebrate with a Gin tasting. I tried to vlog it but ended up getting quite drunk on gin and life so here’s the next best thing; A round up of the presents I received from my family and friends, including that amazing caterpillar cake, which was a brilliant and tasty, surprise. 


Ever After Pjs from Topshop 

For Fox Sake Cap Sleeve Skater Dress from BlackMilk Clothing 

Converse All Star Ox trainers in Jade – so much shiny 


Cushion from Tiger 

Purse from Accessorize 

Jewellery Stand from Accessorize 

Notebook from Paperchase 

Flamingo mug from 

This candle is very special because it’s from my best friend and it’s personalised with the words “twin”, which is what we call each other even though we are in no way related. She also reminded me that when we were younger, and used to hang around in town, we used to go into this shop and just sniff the candles. So much so that our noses would get tired and every thing would smell so weird! 

Gryffindor Plaque from the Noble Collection  (Amazon) This is going to sit very proudly above my side of the bed in our new house, I can’t wait to put it up! 


Rode Mic Pro – My brother very kindly gave me this mic that he bought but wasn’t using so that I could create higher quality content for my YouTube channel. It’s the travel version so it’ll be easy to take with me to Bulgaria.

Loot gaming Suit up crate from Lootcrate.com – This one I bought for myself as an early Birthday present but since I didn’t know what would be in it, it still counts right? 

Thank you for reading what I got for my Birthday and hopefully it’ll inspire you if you’re stuck for a wish list 

Until Next Time x

Q1 Review and New Q2 Goals 

Can you believe that we’re already almost a month into Q2?! It’s flown so quickly that I almost forgot to review my Q1 goals and set some new ones. So let’s see how I got on. 

Q1 Goal – Learn to Knit – Unsuccessful 

Sometimes you set goals and at the time you’re really into and it seems like absolutely a top priority in your mind and then suddenly that’s not really how it turns out. I’ve bettered my sewing skills, a bit but I’m still no closer to having my own scarf. I’ll put this one on the back burner for now. But this leads me nicely onto my new goal 

Q2 Goal – Learn to sew an item of clothing 

I have some basic sewing skills, I.e. sewing in a line and in the past when I’ve tried to make something (to be honest it was a corset) it just turned into a massive fail. This quarter I want to get back on the sewing machine and go through the whole process from getting a template to sewing a full on item of wearable clothing. Wish me luck. 

Q1 Goal – Find a exercise I like – Success

Yayy! I’m happy about this one, I feel like I’ve been so motivated to go to the gym and be healthy this quarter and I feel like it has really paid off. I feel stronger and healthy. My favourite class is called ‘Body Combat’ and it uses martial arts and boxing training techniques to help tone and strengthen your body. It’s difficult and burns up to 300 cals but I can see the progression in my body tone overall fitness level. Another class I enjoy is Spin, I know this class can be a bit hit and miss for some people but I enjoy working hard and doing a work out that I don’t normal try. Which leads me nicely onto my next goal. 

Q2 Goal – Learn to Ride a Bike 

I know you’re shocked, most people learn to do this when they’re younger but I had a fairly traumatizing time with mine and then I’ve always just been too scared of falling off or into the road to try again. However as the weather is getting nicer and my fitness is getting better I want to get back into the saddle and try again. 

Q1 Goal – Find a place of our own – Unsuccessful 

It was slightly optimistic to put this as a goal that would just take 3 months as searching for a buying a house can be a lengthy process so we’re still hoping to move however we just don’t know long it’s going to take. 
Q2 Goal – Draw More 

There was a time when I attempted the #yayeveryday challenge to try and improve my drawing skills and for a while it worked but I just fell out of sync with it. I’m not going to try and become the next greatest artist but as I would like to create more original costume designs it would be beneficial to be able to at least get some kind of design down on paper. 

Q1 Cosplays  – Successful

It makes me happy to know that I completed all 3 of my cosplays that I had planned to do, I just need to do more photos of my Poison Ivy 

Q2 Cosplans 

I chose one’s that are based around fabric and clothing to improve my sewing skills. 

  • Breakfast Princess (Adventure Time) 
  • Pin Up Wonder woman 
  • Alice in Wonderland variation 

Are you surprised to see no League of Legends Cosplays?

Let me know what your goals are for Q2 

Until Next Time x 

March Loves <3 

March has been another busy old month, I’ve started my Insomnia run down and with mad costume prep it doesn’t leave all that much room for fun but I’ve been trying my best to eat healthy and do some fun things so here’s what I’ve been loving in the month of March. 


Barry M Molten Metals Nail Polish in Copper 

As I am forever on the quest for nails that look as nice as gels I’ve been staring at the Chrome nail trend, green with envy but this polish may have changed my mind. A beautiful copper shade that applies really well and stays on your nails for ages. I always seem to get compliments when I wear this shade so that makes it a winner for me.

On the Other Side – Carrie Hope Fletcher (Audible) 

I always seem to forget I have an audible subscription so when I remember I have to go trawling through to find books I wanted to read cause I’ve forgotten. But when I saw this I thought I would have to give it a go as I am a self confessed ‘hopeful’. I’m a fan of the theatre and Carries videos just fill me with joy. I was instantly hooked by this book, the concept is unlike I’ve ever read before and if you’re a fan of romance, comedy and the supernatural this one is for you. It explores the ‘waiting room’ before the after life and how your past and the journey you’ve taken to your death can affect this, but told through the eyes of memories and jumping back into them. I didn’t want my commute to end every time I listened to this. Just so beautiful. 

The Beauty and the Beast – The Illustrated Version by Gabrielle- Suzanne Barbot De Villeneuve 

This month, with the release of the live action Beauty and the Beast I’ve been obsessed with rewatching the Disney and reading the book so when I wandering into a bookstore and saw this book my heart leaped. It’s illustrated by Minalima  (graphic designers, famous for the Harry Potter graphics) and it is the most stunning book I have ever seen. Almost every page has an incredibly detailed and beautiful illustration but not only that, it also contains interactive elements. These are little extra peices, like a map or a pull out house, that just add so much and make this book even more special. If you’re ever in a bookshop take a look inside this book, you won’t be disappointed.

Films – Beauty and the Beast (Live Action) 

The excitement and hype building up around this film was unreal and totally justified. I booked to see it twice even before I had seen it once. Beauty and the Beast has been one of my favourite Disney’s since I was younger and this was a fantastic portrayal and a big nostalgia trip. The first time I went to see it with my best friend, we always used to watch classic Disney around hers, they were even on VHS! So having a little best friend outing made it even more special. I really liked the new songs they put in and have had the soundtrack on repeat ever since. I did casual provincial Belle cosplays to both showings which made me feel really a part of the movie. 


Superman High Top Converse 

On a recent trip to my parent’s house, I was rummaging through my wardrobe and found these Converse. I’ve had them for years but I always forget how much I love them. The Superman logo is more subtle so it makes it easier to wear them on a day to day basis. Also the toecap and trim are in a cream colour so it makes it different from the normal white trim. I paired them with a striped dress and a blue shirt. 


Mauraders Map Bedsheets 

I love new bedsheets, homeware and Harry potter so this new purchase covers all bases. A Primark purchase so it wasn’t too expensive but the quality is still really good. There are little details like the addive of ‘mischief managed’ on the pillow case which is a nice touch. I love snuggling up in this bed set. 

Thanks for reading my favourites for this month, I look forward to what the next month will bring. 

Until Next Time x