Selfridges Halloween Beauty Event – Tim Burton Style Tutorial 

In the lead up to Halloween, Selfridges Beauty in the Birmingham Bullring have been hosting a series of Masterclasses called ‘Devilishly Beautiful’ which aim to teach you how to use Selfridges Beauty counter make up to create both every day and Halloween looks. These Masterclasses were free and we’re ran 3 times during the day so everyone would get a chance to view them and learn something new. 

I joined the Halloween themed one hosted by the talented Illamasqua makeup artist Jay Townsend  (@jaydollmua on Instagram) and he ran us through a easy to follow and recreate look based on the art style of Tim Burton and using Illamasqua products. Some of the techniques he talked about could be transferred to your normal make up routine, although this look was a more extreme version. 

Face: He started off by using a glue stick to brush the brows all in one direction. A little bit a mad idea at first but it makes sure that your brows lie flat against your face so create an smooth base to layer over. Apparently it was first used in the 70s by drag Queens. 

Next you add your pale concealer over the brows and add light to your face in what Illamasqua calls ‘Skin Sketching’ and involves putting a lighter foundation in the ‘golden triangle’ (high points of your face) 

After this you add on your foundation over the top. Jay recommended Illamasqua Skin Base as it contains 40% pigment as well as Hyleronic Acid and Vitamin E, which moisturises your face and provides high coverage. After the base was done it was onto contour. 

Jay’s Top Tip: ” If you want to keep your feminine look don’t bring the contour down to your face. Also don’t forget to contour your temples!” 

Eyes: TimBurton’s characters often look sallow, sickly or tired and you can recreate this by adding shadow and sculpting out your eye sockets, pushing the shadow more into where the bone is rather than just your crease. Taking your gel liner reverse your normal eye liner and begin with a thicker line and make it thinner towards the end, this will bring down your eyes and make you look more melancholy. Add nude eyeliner in the waterline to make your eyes look bigger. 

“For character creation it’s all about creating emotion telling the backstory with the makeup”

Next, with the eye liner add fake running mascara tears and smudge them to make them look more realistic. 

Lips: Jay said a lot of people ask how to do a ‘joker-esk’ or Chelsea smile so he wanted to incorporate that into this look. 

  • Start with a dark red lip liner and create a curve following the natural line of your lips. 
  • Take it back and go over the line creating a triangle shape in the outer corner of the mouth.
  •  Blur this out to make it look really sore 
  • Deepen with the black gel liner and blend together thoroughly. 
  • Add Illamasqua Lip Lures in a blend of ‘Virtue’ and ‘Nebulas ‘ 

Add on lashes and your done! Below is a picture of the finished look with its creator. 

I was so inspired by how simple and easy this look was to create I did one myself using my own make up (minus lashes) What do you think? 

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to try this look for yourself. Alternatively all Selfridges Beauty counters are offering Halloween packages, just pop into your local store to inquire 🙂 


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