What I Learnt From Doing 31 Days of Halloween 

I have emerged from my attic den ( preparing for Comic Con ) and am finally ready to talk about what I learnt from doing my first #31daysofhalloween, in the hopes that next year if you attempt it too we can not make the same mistakes. 

Make a Schedule

Ok, this one goes for everything but to be able to pull a full 31 days of costumes, products and make up, planning what you’re going to do for each day will help. Keep in mind your personal and/ or professional schedule when planning, so when you know you’re going to have a busy week of exams then make sure you give yourself time to have final proofs of pictures before that. In the UK it gets dark earlier and earlier in October so schedule when you can take outdoor pictures ( with a backup plans for rainy days). The ‘Golden Hour’ app for Android was especially helpful as it tells you when sunset and sunrise are and when the ‘Golden Hour’ is to make sure you don’t miss the window of good lighting. 

Take Multiple Final Pictures 

So you’ve planned your time and taken your final proof in advanced and it’s time to post it but on the second look, you don’t like the way it looks! Uh oh, you don’t have time to take another one. It’s a difficult one because you don’t know how you’re going to feel in a few days but it’s best to have multiple final shots. Edit either the same picture in different ways or edit different shots in the same way to see how you like it. Instagram now has the feature to save drafts so you can edit a picture ready to post so you know exactly what it’ll look like. 

Keep the Same Phone 

I know this one sounds like a #firstworldproblem but it’s something to consider. I was the unfortunate owner of a Samsung Note 7, so not only was there the prospect of my phone exploding and me losing all of my work, I had to go through 2 Note 7s before eventually getting my current phone. Google Drive and careful planning was a God send through the transitions. 

Remove the Night Before

If you’re doing full face of face paint make sure you remove it all before going out to school or work the next day, get in every nook and cranny because people will notice, although you could always say you’re turning into a creature. Other things of note, if you’re using a face paint for the first time check to see if you’re allergic to it, after my galaxy face I came up in a full on rash! Luckily it was the weekend. Oh and don’t forget Fake blood stains. 

Overall I had a brilliant time doing this hashtag, its something I’ve never done before and I was so happy that I was able to post for all 31 days. I also got featured on the Loot Wear Instagram page which felt amazing! 

Thanks for reading, I hope you had a brilliant Halloween! These tips can be transferred to any time of year for a long term project.  


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