Problems *all Newbie* Cosplayers Face  

After an entirely stressful few days of last minute costume creation for Birmingham Comic Con. I’ve finally got over the stress and sleep deprivation and taken time to write down a few of the problems I encounter to see if anyone else can relate. You are not alone.

(I’m are super last minute person so most of these things are related to that.)

  • When you’re so last minute that your costume is still a little bit wet on the day of the Con 
  • Expanding foam is so messy! 
  • Seriously I’m still picking foam out of the carpet, my wig, my bed… 
  • Slightly questionable searches on your work computer. “How to resin cast without dying from poisoning” 
  • Getting home from work to late to take outside shots 
  • Constant cycle of tiredness: going to bed late to work on your costume to getting home late from actually job. 
  • Having to spend a whole day scheduling so you know when you’ll have time to fit in costuming and working before the Con. Goodbye social life 
  • Seeing people just turn up to Cons in Bikinis or Pj’s and considering a more comfortable life 
  • Spending the whole day in an uncomfortable armour and seriously considering a more comfortable costume next time. 
  • Wondering how people can even see/ walk /eat in their costume 
  • Constant fear of getting food on your costume 
  • Constant fear of accidently hitting someone with your weapon as you walk through the crowd
  • The instant panic when you see security guards checking weapons before entry and franticly checking yours for edges 
  • Desperately asking around your friends of friends and relations to get you items as you have no time to get stuff from the shop or Amazon
  • You’ve left it too late to order that one of kind item for international shipping 
  • You didn’t check if your contacts were comfortable before Con day and are seriously regretting that decision  (Be careful with contacts, only buy from reputable shops) 
  • Getting home from the Con and sleeping till the next day 
  • Seeing the mess you’ve made in your room for the first time with fresh eyes 
  • Realising the Con season is over until next March 😦

Thanks for reading, of course this is just all just a bit of fun for some of the last minute problems that I’ve come to face. Hope you found it relatable too. 

 What are some of the problems you face and do you have any solutions to help the pre-con run up go any smoother? 

Until next time x 


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