Four Seasons Makeup Using UD Full Spectrum Pallette 

Of course it’s the season of giving so I decided to give back to myself and purchase the new Urban Decay Full Spectrum Pallette! If you’re a fan of Urban Decay or even colour, like me, then you’ve been eyeing this one up since they first started hinting releasing it. The palette has 21 shades and I thought what better way to fully tested out the colours than a full four seasons tree look. Maybe not the most wearable look but that’s not really what this palette is about. 

So I started by priming my whole face and putting on a light shade of foundation to give an even base. With a MUA brown liner I drew in the outline of my tree then coloured it in with a mix of the liner and Midnight Blaze, a lovely shimmery olive green shade. 

For spring I wanted to have fresh green tones and the beginnings of life. I used Mean for the leaves, with touches of Hatter  (darker green). Midnight Blaze for the nest and a mix of Delirious and Sketch for the bird. 

Summer holidays brought to our seasonal tree. I used Hatter for the leaves and Gossip for the flowers. Calavera for the sand and Blindsided for the Sea. I also put a bit of Metamorphosis at the top for summery blue skies. 

Autumn’s look stripped the leaves off the tree in gusts of wind but I was most looking forward to this season because Warning the rusty brown shade is one of my favourites in the palette. I also used Hundred for the darker leaves. 

Do you wanna build a snowman? I wish it would snow here so I could! I used Iced and Bump for a frosty background. Outlined the snowman in Minx, used Platonic for the buttons and eyes and Seize for the scarf. I made it snow with Blindsided snowflakes.  

And this is the finished look all together! What do you think? I really like the way the colours in this palette look. There are a couple (Jones and Goldmine) which only have a little colour payoff, which is sad but if you’re looking for a Full Spectrum of beautiful colours this is the palette for you and I can see myself doing lots more looks with this in the future. 

Thanks for reading! Until next time. 


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