Goals for 2017 Q1 

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m sorry I’m a little late writing this, 9 days into January doesn’t exactly scream ‘I’m achieving my goals’ but in reality I have been doing my goals I just haven’t written them down yet. 

You may notice that this is a post about Goals for Q1 (Jan, Feb, March) and not for the whole year. This is because if you’re anything like me setting goals to do for 365 days seems quite daunting and my priorities will have changed by April anyway! 

Learn to Knit 

Before it starts to become too warm (or to give myself a headstart on this A/W) I’ve decided to start with chunky knitting and go from there. The last time I tried was years ago and maybe if I can do well there might be a knitted costume in the works if all goes to plan…

Find a House of Our Own 

The place I live in now will always be the OG “Attic Workshop” but it just doesn’t feel like a home, I’m a bit rubbish at hygge and I blame sharing a house and having no discernable difference between my workspace and my relaxation and bedroom could also be contributing to my lack of calm so a new place is definitely on the cards. And of course you know what that means, Homeware Hauls!! Yayy 😀 

Find an Exercise I Enjoy 

Of course I have the usual “healthy eating and get fit” goals that the new gym membership going flock have but what I need is something that will keep me coming back again and again. I’ve seen many I want to try from Bikram Yoga, Clubbacise and Swing Classes but I feel finding the perfect class will turn my one day a month dreaded jaunt to gym into an enjoyable past time that just happens to keep me fit. 

Cosplay Plans for Q1

  • Poison Ivy  (Classic Style) 
  • Heartseeker Quinn 
  • Harley Quinn x Jinx 

Let’s see how I get on. Let me know your goals for the next 3 months 

Until Next Time x 


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