My Top Picks From #Katsucon 2017

I’ve been spending a lot of time oogleing over the amazing costumes and designs that were at this year’s Katsucon. Although I couldn’t make it there myself I’ve gone through the #Katsucon Instagram tag and picked out some favourites that stood out to me the most.

I think the hair really makes this costume pop and the fact that she went through so much pain in it is dedication. 

I just love the detail of this vambrace. 

This is an original design by Kristen and she does a brilliant job of bringing the character up to date for a 21st Century heroine +I just love the fluffy lion head! 

A cosplay close to my heart, I love they have almost the complete set of Star Guardians, I would love to do a group cosplay one day. 

This costume just blew me away as soon as I saw it! The incredible detail and work that went into this and it’s so great room see someone doing an object rather than a character. It is simple breathtaking. 

Another group shot and original designs. I loved these Care Bear Knights designs and you maybe seeing a piece of mine that will be inspired by this concept. 

What an amazing honour for Alicia to meet Jason Momoa while wearing her fantastic cosplay. 

Another take on the Valkrievees of last year with this male Spartan Evees group. And how amazing that Danny made all 9 of his armoured group! 

Maweezy always does great work with her cosplays and this genderbent Maui is no exception. 

Armoured everything! This brilliant and large group of talent Warrior Sailors shows the meaning of #squadgoals 

The incredible detail on those feathers really show in both the progress and the final costume. 

There were so many amazing costumes on show and probably a lot more on other social media but I just loved these ones I wanted to share them with you. Go ahead and follow them and give them some love on Instagram, they all deserve for working so hard. Maybe even go onto the #Katsucon Instagram tag yourself and pick out your favourites.

Until Next Time x 


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