February Loves <3

February has flown by and has been a vary busy month activity wise. As we get excited and look forward to spring let’s take a look at what I was loving in the month of Love! 


Kat Von D Beauty Shade and Light eye shadow Pallette in Plum 

This buttery pigmented quad was a gift from the Blogosphere Valentine’s Tea Party and I love it. It’s so convenient to carry this around in my travel bag as it has all the shades you could need for an easy purple smokey eye and there’s a mirror. Just a beautiful edition to my collection. 


Boohoo Women’s Annia Satin Dipped Hem Full Maxi Skirt 

This high quality beautiful skirt makes me feel like royalty everytime I wear it and I get so many compliments. I was originally supposed to be part of my Heartseeker Quinn cosplay but I just love it too much to cut it up. It was from amazon and a bargin at just £6. 


Plastikote Spray Paint and Primer

This month I decided to take my time and take an extra step of adding a Primer to my spray paint. This brand I found while I was searching around I believe it has made a real difference to the way the second layer of colour adheres to the foam. It gives a smooth and easy finish and I’m happy with the results. 


Whittard of Chelsea Raspberry Ripple Hot Chocolate 

This tastes, smells and looks like heaven! I have to restrain myself from just eating the powder out of the tub. Sugary sweet Raspberry flavour that tastes exactly if you put a tub of Raspberry Ripple ice cream in the microwave and drank it and it’s pink. What more could you want? As I’m writing this I’m crying a little but as this like my other favourite hot chocolate is a limited edition. I’ll just have to save it for special occasions.

Cadbury Boost Bars 

These are not a new chocolate I have just never been interested in trying them until I tried one by accident. We have a snack box at work and was intrigued by a chocolate bar called “5 Star” I tried it and loved it but then got sad that I would never have it again. Turns out it was a Boost bar and I’ve been hooked ever since. 


Moo Square Business Cards 

I ordered these especially for the Blogosphere event and I am so happy with they’ve turned out. There were going to be some uneven white edges on the print because of the size of my pictures and the Moo Team emailed me and were so friendly and helpful it just made the whole process a lot easier. 


On the theme of the business cards this month I’ve been to 4 networking events including Love Brum’s second birthday and now I’ve even joined TAG Network Midlands because I just can’t get enough. Networking events are so valuable because you never know who you’re going to meet and there’s normally a really inviting friendly atmosphere if you’re nervous. I love hearing other people’s life stories and getting to know someone I never normally would’ve met. I would highly recommend http://www.meetup.com to find a local group to meet new people and learn new things.  

So that’s all for this month, let me know in the comments your favourites for this month. 

Until Next Time x 


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