Cosplay for Convention Countdown – One Month to go! 

*Gasp* there’s only one month to go until you display your cosplay at a convention! What are you going do? Sit crying in the corner? No! You’re going to get organised! Check out my essential guide on how to be organised and not last minute with one month to go. 

  • Write every thing down

Make a list of everything you need to do and prioritise it in time order. If there’s something that you’ve never tried before put that near the top so you have time to redo it if it goes wrong the first time round. 

  • Make a budget and stick to it! 

Make a wish list on Amazon of all the things you need and calculate how much it’s all going to cost. Now is the time to see if you can shop around to see if you can get items cheaper. Stick to your plan, especially if you know you’re not expecting any more budget before the convention, the last thing you want is to really need an item but have run out of budget for it. Plan ahead. 

  • Buy Tickets 

This may seem obvious but it also comes into your budget and of course is a major part of your planning. You don’t want to get all the way through finishing your costume then realise you left it too late to buy tickets. 

  • Plan Your Transport 

Maybe another obvious one but convention centres tend to be fairly far out. Do you feel comfortable going full costume on public transport or are you going to arrange a lift? Maybe you could car pool with a friend. Now is the time to do favours for your friends so they’re more likely to give you a lift in a months time. 

  • Start your Diet and Exercise Plan

An optional step, of course, but if you are planning on improving most sensible diet and exercise plans take at least a month to see progress with so it’s best to start early. If you struggle to keep it up always keep your end goal in mind and something is always better than nothing. 

  • Print out Inspo Pics

Now is the time to eat, drink and sleep your costume, the more you know about the ins and outs of your design the better, play the character on the game or rewatch the show to really get into the mindset. It’s at this I set my lockscreen to the character art so I can be reminded of it all the time. 

  • Get Social 

Announce to your social media following which convention you’re going to be at next and ask them if they’re going to follow. Follow the #hashtag trail and just follow the events Facebook page. If you’re going on your own or not conventions are great places to meet like minded people so go start a conversation today. 

  •  Download the Cosplanner App 

This app is a recent discovery for me and I think it’s going to come in very handy, especially if you’re making more than one costume at the same time. It has space for reference pictures, budgets, time frames and you can tick off when you’re done. (I’m not Spon, I find this app helpful and think you will too) 

So that’s my handy list of things to help you in the last month before a convention. Of course it’s a help guide and your costume might not take as long as a month but believe me it’s better to be finished early than rushing and getting no sleep and thus not even enjoying the convention, as that is what it’s all about in the end, having fun. 

Until Next Time x  


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