DIY: Dip Dye Harley Quinn Jinx Shorts

*Warning this is a messy DIY* 

Have you ever wanted to be a rebellious but lovable villan but your shorts just don’t match up to your hotness? Well with this DIY you’ll be able to rock super cool dip dye shorts that will take you straight from the streets of Gotham to Summoners Rift. 

What you will need:

  • Rubber gloves 
  • Dylon hand dye in Bahama Blue and Flamimgo Pink 
  • Ordinary table salt 
  • Make up sponges 
  • Washing up bowl 
  • Bath or large area covered in plastic 
  • Scissors 
  • Plastic bag
  • Water 

Once you’ve finished your DIY for this colour way you can come back and do it with any colours you like. 

Step 1 – Prepping 

Gather up all of your equipment and make your way down to your clean area. Prep your area making sure all surfaces are covered in plastic bags, I’d recommend doing this in the bath just to be safe. Wash your shorts prior and make sure they’re still damp, this will help the dye absorb better. Put on your rubber gloves, don’t use the free plastic gloves you get with hair dye as the dye will leak through and have to go to work with Smurf hands. 

Step two – Prepping the Dye

Its best to start with the lighter dye to make sure the darker colour can cover up any little splashes you may make. 

In your bowl mix half the dye packet with 500ml of warm water and stir until dissolved. 

Add in 175g of table salt and stir until dissolved. 

Then fill your washing up bowl to almost the top with warm water and stir. 

Step three – Dipping the shorts 

Carefully lower one half of the shorts into the dye making sure to stop before the half way point and leave a line of white near the seam as the dye will bleed into this. 

Use make up sponges dipped into the dye to bring the colour up to the line and keep a clean line.

Stir the dye making sure not to splash the water above the line. 

Leave in the dye stirring occasionally for 20 mins, checking that all the parts of the shorts are dying equally. 

Step four – setting the colour 

Once the 20 mins is up you can check to see if you’re happy with the colour saturation. Remember that the colour will look darker when it’s wet. 
If you’re happy, take the shorts out of the dye and rinse under a cold water tap until the water runs clear. Make sure you hold the shorts so the water drips down away from the rest of the shorts. 

Put the shorts on the side and pour away your first dye. 

Step five – Repeat and finish 

Repeat steps two to four with the blue dye to dye the other half.

Once the blue has been rinsed out put the shorts on a plastic bag and put them somewhere to dry. 

Step six – Rock your new awesome shorts! 

And there you have it, five steps to DIY dye goals. Let me know if you try out these shorts or if you have any tips on how to dye other items because I’ve tried it once and now I’m hooked and I want to dye all my clothes! 

Until Next Time x 


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