Q1 Review and New Q2 Goals 

Can you believe that we’re already almost a month into Q2?! It’s flown so quickly that I almost forgot to review my Q1 goals and set some new ones. So let’s see how I got on. 

Q1 Goal – Learn to Knit – Unsuccessful 

Sometimes you set goals and at the time you’re really into and it seems like absolutely a top priority in your mind and then suddenly that’s not really how it turns out. I’ve bettered my sewing skills, a bit but I’m still no closer to having my own scarf. I’ll put this one on the back burner for now. But this leads me nicely onto my new goal 

Q2 Goal – Learn to sew an item of clothing 

I have some basic sewing skills, I.e. sewing in a line and in the past when I’ve tried to make something (to be honest it was a corset) it just turned into a massive fail. This quarter I want to get back on the sewing machine and go through the whole process from getting a template to sewing a full on item of wearable clothing. Wish me luck. 

Q1 Goal – Find a exercise I like – Success

Yayy! I’m happy about this one, I feel like I’ve been so motivated to go to the gym and be healthy this quarter and I feel like it has really paid off. I feel stronger and healthy. My favourite class is called ‘Body Combat’ and it uses martial arts and boxing training techniques to help tone and strengthen your body. It’s difficult and burns up to 300 cals but I can see the progression in my body tone overall fitness level. Another class I enjoy is Spin, I know this class can be a bit hit and miss for some people but I enjoy working hard and doing a work out that I don’t normal try. Which leads me nicely onto my next goal. 

Q2 Goal – Learn to Ride a Bike 

I know you’re shocked, most people learn to do this when they’re younger but I had a fairly traumatizing time with mine and then I’ve always just been too scared of falling off or into the road to try again. However as the weather is getting nicer and my fitness is getting better I want to get back into the saddle and try again. 

Q1 Goal – Find a place of our own – Unsuccessful 

It was slightly optimistic to put this as a goal that would just take 3 months as searching for a buying a house can be a lengthy process so we’re still hoping to move however we just don’t know long it’s going to take. 
Q2 Goal – Draw More 

There was a time when I attempted the #yayeveryday challenge to try and improve my drawing skills and for a while it worked but I just fell out of sync with it. I’m not going to try and become the next greatest artist but as I would like to create more original costume designs it would be beneficial to be able to at least get some kind of design down on paper. 

Q1 Cosplays  – Successful

It makes me happy to know that I completed all 3 of my cosplays that I had planned to do, I just need to do more photos of my Poison Ivy 

Q2 Cosplans 

I chose one’s that are based around fabric and clothing to improve my sewing skills. 

  • Breakfast Princess (Adventure Time) 
  • Pin Up Wonder woman 
  • Alice in Wonderland variation 

Are you surprised to see no League of Legends Cosplays?

Let me know what your goals are for Q2 

Until Next Time x 


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