40 Days in Bulgaria – Introducing #travelworkshop 

So I quit my job, now what? 
For a little while I’ve been stuck wondering, as a lot of people do, if this is really it. You get a job that you kind of like but there’s a part of you that longs for more. For adventure. When I was younger I complained and stopped my parents from moving our lives abroad but now I just want to be travelling and taking a visual diary of what I see along the way. That’s where the Travel Workshop, Newsroom in the Palace and Bulgaria come in. 

So what is Newsroom in the Palace? 

It is a large scale European Volunteering Scheme that will take place in Bulgaria and involve 75 people from 15 different countries. It centres around an international film festival called “14th in the palace” which the volunteers will be reporting on. All of the volunteers are from journalistic, blogging, video making and cultural arts backgrounds and will be spending 40 days in Bulgaria, first training and then reporting on the festival. 

That sounds like an extended holiday, why quit? 
Why not? And when was the last time you tried to take 40 days off as annual leave? But the real reason is that I’m moving house! Yayy! Just after I said that we wouldn’t be moving for ages, we found the house and it’s got an attic, we are very excited. So I won’t be returning to my current location after I come back so a job move and a clean break was the best option. 

But what about the Attic Workshop

Don’t worry, it will be back. The content on my Instagram, YouTube and blog will be more travel and lifestyle related for my time in Bulgaria and for a little while after I come back. As mentioned before, this is a volunteer trip and I don’t have a job, which means very little in the way of income. However I’m not done with cosplay yet, ive got so many ideas for when I return and I hope with my new dedicated space, I can create my best costumes yet! 

Sounds fantastic! How can we follow all of this? 

Im glad you asked, you can follow the updates by following my social media links below:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/attic_workshop/ 

Twitter: @atticworkshop1 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9XSvH7HJJy7Iqz8DjMtFbA 

Until Next Time x 


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