May Loves <3

First of all an apology. I didn’t really have any loves last month but May is my birthday month, so I got lots of new products and clothes to share with you. 


Converse All Star Ox trainers in Jade 

I mentioned these trainers in my ‘What I got for my Birthday’ post but they have barely left my feet since I got them. My former converse were due a trade in and I saw these and fell in love. The classic low top converse will always be my go to trainer style. 

Cat Eye Sunglasses – Topshop (RIP)

I love these sunglasses so much that I’ve been using them even though they’re broken. I bought these at the start of last summer was so sad when the screw fell out at the start of this summer! Is it just me or do sunglasses make a pact to break every year just when you need them. I’m out here in Bulgaria, so hopefully I’ll be able to pick up some new ones on my travels.  

Ever After pyjamas – Topshop 

Another one of my birthday presents and a useful addition to my suitcase in Bulgaria, as these are short and light enough to be worn when the weather gets hot. I’ve even worn the top out on a night out, as its quite casual here. 


Lorenz Crunchcrips – Paprika 

Pretty much a staple for every time I go on holiday, I go searching for these crisps (And Cheetos). I’ve seen them in some shops in the UK, but they just remind me of summer. A packet of Crunchchips, lying by the pool, sun on my face and I am one happy girl. 

Strawberries  (Yagodi)

If you think of British summer time, you think of strawberries. In Bulgaria, they seem to think the same thing. We first tried them as a free gift from a restaurant owner and they were so sweet. Ever since they’ve made a wonderful addition to our beach blogging sessions. 

Mr Whippy 
I was lucky that I had my first Mr Whippy fresh from an ice cream van before I left so I got to taste that delicious, childhood taste once more before I left. Hopefully I can have some more when I return to England. 


Apeman Sports Camera (14mp) 

Settle in for story time kids.

 As mentioned, I’m currently on a media volunteering trip in Bulgaria and I wanted a new sports camera to capture the ‘on-the-go’ action. U turned to the cheaper alternatives as I haven’t got the money for a proper one and didn’t know whether I wanted to make the commitment. So I ordered a 14mp one on Amazon, when it arrived it was only 12mp, so I sent that one back and ordered another one. Same story the second time, so I gave up on that brand and tried the Apeman. Long story short this camera is great for capturing all the fun moments on this trip. 

Thanks for reading, let me know what you’ve been loving this month. 

Until Next Time x 


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