DIY: Dip Dye Harley Quinn Jinx Shorts

*Warning this is a messy DIY* 

Have you ever wanted to be a rebellious but lovable villan but your shorts just don’t match up to your hotness? Well with this DIY you’ll be able to rock super cool dip dye shorts that will take you straight from the streets of Gotham to Summoners Rift. 

What you will need:

  • Rubber gloves 
  • Dylon hand dye in Bahama Blue and Flamimgo Pink 
  • Ordinary table salt 
  • Make up sponges 
  • Washing up bowl 
  • Bath or large area covered in plastic 
  • Scissors 
  • Plastic bag
  • Water 

Once you’ve finished your DIY for this colour way you can come back and do it with any colours you like. 

Step 1 – Prepping 

Gather up all of your equipment and make your way down to your clean area. Prep your area making sure all surfaces are covered in plastic bags, I’d recommend doing this in the bath just to be safe. Wash your shorts prior and make sure they’re still damp, this will help the dye absorb better. Put on your rubber gloves, don’t use the free plastic gloves you get with hair dye as the dye will leak through and have to go to work with Smurf hands. 

Step two – Prepping the Dye

Its best to start with the lighter dye to make sure the darker colour can cover up any little splashes you may make. 

In your bowl mix half the dye packet with 500ml of warm water and stir until dissolved. 

Add in 175g of table salt and stir until dissolved. 

Then fill your washing up bowl to almost the top with warm water and stir. 

Step three – Dipping the shorts 

Carefully lower one half of the shorts into the dye making sure to stop before the half way point and leave a line of white near the seam as the dye will bleed into this. 

Use make up sponges dipped into the dye to bring the colour up to the line and keep a clean line.

Stir the dye making sure not to splash the water above the line. 

Leave in the dye stirring occasionally for 20 mins, checking that all the parts of the shorts are dying equally. 

Step four – setting the colour 

Once the 20 mins is up you can check to see if you’re happy with the colour saturation. Remember that the colour will look darker when it’s wet. 
If you’re happy, take the shorts out of the dye and rinse under a cold water tap until the water runs clear. Make sure you hold the shorts so the water drips down away from the rest of the shorts. 

Put the shorts on the side and pour away your first dye. 

Step five – Repeat and finish 

Repeat steps two to four with the blue dye to dye the other half.

Once the blue has been rinsed out put the shorts on a plastic bag and put them somewhere to dry. 

Step six – Rock your new awesome shorts! 

And there you have it, five steps to DIY dye goals. Let me know if you try out these shorts or if you have any tips on how to dye other items because I’ve tried it once and now I’m hooked and I want to dye all my clothes! 

Until Next Time x 

Cosplay for Convention Countdown – One Month to go! 

*Gasp* there’s only one month to go until you display your cosplay at a convention! What are you going do? Sit crying in the corner? No! You’re going to get organised! Check out my essential guide on how to be organised and not last minute with one month to go. 

  • Write every thing down

Make a list of everything you need to do and prioritise it in time order. If there’s something that you’ve never tried before put that near the top so you have time to redo it if it goes wrong the first time round. 

  • Make a budget and stick to it! 

Make a wish list on Amazon of all the things you need and calculate how much it’s all going to cost. Now is the time to see if you can shop around to see if you can get items cheaper. Stick to your plan, especially if you know you’re not expecting any more budget before the convention, the last thing you want is to really need an item but have run out of budget for it. Plan ahead. 

  • Buy Tickets 

This may seem obvious but it also comes into your budget and of course is a major part of your planning. You don’t want to get all the way through finishing your costume then realise you left it too late to buy tickets. 

  • Plan Your Transport 

Maybe another obvious one but convention centres tend to be fairly far out. Do you feel comfortable going full costume on public transport or are you going to arrange a lift? Maybe you could car pool with a friend. Now is the time to do favours for your friends so they’re more likely to give you a lift in a months time. 

  • Start your Diet and Exercise Plan

An optional step, of course, but if you are planning on improving most sensible diet and exercise plans take at least a month to see progress with so it’s best to start early. If you struggle to keep it up always keep your end goal in mind and something is always better than nothing. 

  • Print out Inspo Pics

Now is the time to eat, drink and sleep your costume, the more you know about the ins and outs of your design the better, play the character on the game or rewatch the show to really get into the mindset. It’s at this I set my lockscreen to the character art so I can be reminded of it all the time. 

  • Get Social 

Announce to your social media following which convention you’re going to be at next and ask them if they’re going to follow. Follow the #hashtag trail and just follow the events Facebook page. If you’re going on your own or not conventions are great places to meet like minded people so go start a conversation today. 

  •  Download the Cosplanner App 

This app is a recent discovery for me and I think it’s going to come in very handy, especially if you’re making more than one costume at the same time. It has space for reference pictures, budgets, time frames and you can tick off when you’re done. (I’m not Spon, I find this app helpful and think you will too) 

So that’s my handy list of things to help you in the last month before a convention. Of course it’s a help guide and your costume might not take as long as a month but believe me it’s better to be finished early than rushing and getting no sleep and thus not even enjoying the convention, as that is what it’s all about in the end, having fun. 

Until Next Time x  

February Loves <3

February has flown by and has been a vary busy month activity wise. As we get excited and look forward to spring let’s take a look at what I was loving in the month of Love! 


Kat Von D Beauty Shade and Light eye shadow Pallette in Plum 

This buttery pigmented quad was a gift from the Blogosphere Valentine’s Tea Party and I love it. It’s so convenient to carry this around in my travel bag as it has all the shades you could need for an easy purple smokey eye and there’s a mirror. Just a beautiful edition to my collection. 


Boohoo Women’s Annia Satin Dipped Hem Full Maxi Skirt 

This high quality beautiful skirt makes me feel like royalty everytime I wear it and I get so many compliments. I was originally supposed to be part of my Heartseeker Quinn cosplay but I just love it too much to cut it up. It was from amazon and a bargin at just £6. 


Plastikote Spray Paint and Primer

This month I decided to take my time and take an extra step of adding a Primer to my spray paint. This brand I found while I was searching around I believe it has made a real difference to the way the second layer of colour adheres to the foam. It gives a smooth and easy finish and I’m happy with the results. 


Whittard of Chelsea Raspberry Ripple Hot Chocolate 

This tastes, smells and looks like heaven! I have to restrain myself from just eating the powder out of the tub. Sugary sweet Raspberry flavour that tastes exactly if you put a tub of Raspberry Ripple ice cream in the microwave and drank it and it’s pink. What more could you want? As I’m writing this I’m crying a little but as this like my other favourite hot chocolate is a limited edition. I’ll just have to save it for special occasions.

Cadbury Boost Bars 

These are not a new chocolate I have just never been interested in trying them until I tried one by accident. We have a snack box at work and was intrigued by a chocolate bar called “5 Star” I tried it and loved it but then got sad that I would never have it again. Turns out it was a Boost bar and I’ve been hooked ever since. 


Moo Square Business Cards 

I ordered these especially for the Blogosphere event and I am so happy with they’ve turned out. There were going to be some uneven white edges on the print because of the size of my pictures and the Moo Team emailed me and were so friendly and helpful it just made the whole process a lot easier. 


On the theme of the business cards this month I’ve been to 4 networking events including Love Brum’s second birthday and now I’ve even joined TAG Network Midlands because I just can’t get enough. Networking events are so valuable because you never know who you’re going to meet and there’s normally a really inviting friendly atmosphere if you’re nervous. I love hearing other people’s life stories and getting to know someone I never normally would’ve met. I would highly recommend to find a local group to meet new people and learn new things.  

So that’s all for this month, let me know in the comments your favourites for this month. 

Until Next Time x 

My Top Picks From #Katsucon 2017

I’ve been spending a lot of time oogleing over the amazing costumes and designs that were at this year’s Katsucon. Although I couldn’t make it there myself I’ve gone through the #Katsucon Instagram tag and picked out some favourites that stood out to me the most.

I think the hair really makes this costume pop and the fact that she went through so much pain in it is dedication. 

I just love the detail of this vambrace. 

This is an original design by Kristen and she does a brilliant job of bringing the character up to date for a 21st Century heroine +I just love the fluffy lion head! 

A cosplay close to my heart, I love they have almost the complete set of Star Guardians, I would love to do a group cosplay one day. 

This costume just blew me away as soon as I saw it! The incredible detail and work that went into this and it’s so great room see someone doing an object rather than a character. It is simple breathtaking. 

Another group shot and original designs. I loved these Care Bear Knights designs and you maybe seeing a piece of mine that will be inspired by this concept. 

What an amazing honour for Alicia to meet Jason Momoa while wearing her fantastic cosplay. 

Another take on the Valkrievees of last year with this male Spartan Evees group. And how amazing that Danny made all 9 of his armoured group! 

Maweezy always does great work with her cosplays and this genderbent Maui is no exception. 

Armoured everything! This brilliant and large group of talent Warrior Sailors shows the meaning of #squadgoals 

The incredible detail on those feathers really show in both the progress and the final costume. 

There were so many amazing costumes on show and probably a lot more on other social media but I just loved these ones I wanted to share them with you. Go ahead and follow them and give them some love on Instagram, they all deserve for working so hard. Maybe even go onto the #Katsucon Instagram tag yourself and pick out your favourites.

Until Next Time x 

Unicorn Pamper Night 

After a long day of work and Cosplay progress I always love to unwind but feel magical at the same time so I decided to make a pink unicorn hot chocolate and test out my new nails wraps and show you how to be a unicorn too. 🦄

Now to sparkle you have to start off clean, I like to use the L’Oréal Pure Clay Glow Mask before my shower as it only takes 5 mins to work. I push my hair away from my face with my favourite pink pom pom headband and then rinse the mask in the shower. 

After showering I like to add to my sparkle and keep my self nice and soft with The Body Show Glazed Apple Shimmer Lotion which helps bring out my inner unicorn glow.

I slip into something more comfortable and magical like this silk pyjama top and my BlackMilk Clothing unicorn leggings and go down to make an indulgent treat.

Whittard of Chelsea have a special edition Hot Chocolate mix that I just had to use for my unicorn Hot Chocolate because it’s Raspberry Ripple Flavour and it’s pink! 

•Start by mixing a small amount of milk, 1 tbsp of Hot Chocolate Powder and 4 chunks of white chocolate in a mug

•Pop in the microwave for 2 mins, stirring after 1 min

•Remove and add in another tbsp of Hot Chocolate Powder and fill to the top with milk. Stir and then put back in the microwave for 2 mins 

•Meanwhile get some Raspberry sauce and the glass you’re going to be serving in and pour it on the inside of the glass 

•Take mug out of microwave and stir until mixed, if the mixture is not hot return to microwave for another few minutes. 

•Once mixture is hot pour into the glass

•Top with whipped cream, marshmallows and decorations 

This makes a delicious treat for cold evenings and goes really well my nails which are from Thumbs Up! I have trouble with gel nails, they don’t stay longer than a couple of days so when I saw these nail wraps, I thought ‘great! Lazy people unicorn nails’ They’re quite easy to apply but it does take some practice and I would recommend having a nail file on hand to cleanly file off the ends. Also it recommends adding a top coat on top but I used the Sally Hanson Double Duty one and they just went a bit crinkly, so I’m not 100% sold but they are a lazy alternative to fancy nail art brushes and patience. 

After all that I like to relax with Spacebattle Lunchtime and my hot chocolate and drift off into unicorn dreamland. 

Until Next Time x  

Blogosphere Valentine’s Tea Party Look 

February the month of love but also the month for the Blogosphere Valentine’s Tea Party so I thought I show you some of my outfit details so you can get inspired to do a loved up look this month.  This look was also inspired by my Feb cosplay of ‘Heartseeker Quinn’ which will be out later this week. 

Outfit Details: 

Corset top: A shop in Melbourne but here’s a similar one –;

Cardigan: TU clothing 

Skirt: Boohoo on Amazon Boohoo Women’s Annia Satin Dipped Hem Full Maxi Skirt, Red (Merlot), 6;

Purple Tights: Amazon Lady Sofia 100 Denier Classic Opaque Microfibre TIGHTS Matt Finish (M, Purple)  

Boots: JustFab;

Unicorn Bag – Missguided 

Hair and Make Up Details 

NuMe Reverse Curling Wand 

Treseme Max the Volume Hair Spray 

NuMe Argan Oil 

Rimmel Match Perfect and Long Lasting Foundation 

17 Brow this way Pallette 

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer 

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Pallette in Iced 

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Pallette in Mocha 

Urban Decay Naked 3 in Dust and Limit 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder 

Benefit Hoola Bronzer and Rockateur 

Maybeline Master Precise Liquid Liner 

Fleur De Force Fully Fleur Lashes 

Body Shop Lip and Cheek tint 

Collection Speedy Highlighter 

A massive thank you to the Blogosphere Magazine Team and all of the brands that had stalls and contributed to make the event so brilliant. 

The Flashpack

Kat Von D Beauty

Glo+Ray Beauty

Dr Lipp;


Pop band;

AA Skincare;

White Rabbit Skincare;


Samaya Skincare;

Book your Lifestyle;

Pearl and Groove Cakes;

The Duppy Share;

Until Next Time x 

January Loves <3

And just like that, the first month of 2017 has been and gone. For me it’s been a really positive month, as I’ve been riding on the wave of #newyearnewyou hype and have been trying to be more productive and organised. It’s been quite a busy one so I thought I’d share a few of the things I’ve been loving this month


NYX Soft Mattel Lip Cream in Havana 

All over Instagram I’ve been seeing these beauties rocking a blue or indigo lip and have been so drawn in by it is decided to take the plunge and try it for myself. I went for the soft matte lip cream by NYX as they have so much colour choice and I’ve heard so many good reviews I had to get one. The formula mattes down in about 3/5 mins but the colour payoff isn’t as good in the first swipe so you have to go over it quite a few times to get an opaque look. I would say the first time I used this was for an all you can eat meal so the ultimate test of staying power and it survived the first few courses bit I would recommend a top up before any photo ops. 

Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish – Sweet Orange and Mint 

I’ve had this product for a whole now, ever since the first round of hype and I didn’t take to it the first time but a recent spell of dry winter skin and a sponsored video from Estee prompted me to give it another go and I’m very happy that I did! It’s gentle cleansing balm leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth and I notice a real difference when I don’t use it. I also used it to take off my Katarina test make up and it had no problems breaking down all that sticky lipstick I used. I’m happy I went back to it an will be repurchasing. 


S-noilite Red 23” Full Head Clip in Hair Extensions 

Normally I use lace fronted wigs to change my hair for cosplay but for Warrington Kingdom Katarina I could use my own hair and just have clip ins; this in itself is a favourite. I’d never used extensions before so didn’t really know what I was looking for but I was very happy with these and they make me want to buy more in my natural hair colour. They’re easy to clip in and out and are so silky and smooth that they make it easy for a novice like me to get a ‘natural’ looking hairstyle. 


Beauty Cam App by Meitu 

OK so the whole world and their cat maybe talking about this app but I just can’t get enough. It makes plain old selfies cute look so Kawaii and perfect. I swear I could take the ugliest, lowlighted picture of my face and end up looking fabulous. I mean who doesn’t want to look like a lucky cat? 

Necomimi Ears Brainwave Cat Ears 

Speaking of becoming a cat, they are nothing without twitching fluffy ears and that’s exactly what Necomimi are for. I’ve wanted a pair of these for years and my boyfriend very kindly bought me a pair for Christmas and I am so smitten. They work by reading your brainwaves using the black sensor and twitch according to your emotions, it’s so much fun I can look at myself in the mirror all day with these one. My dreams of becoming a real life cat are slowly coming true. 


Morrison’s The Best Salted Caramel Cake 

A very popular treat within our office, although most sweet things are. This moist, sweet slice of heaven and a cup of tea is all you need when your Thursday afternoon is dragging on a bit. It never last long and with Caramel buttercream filling and topping it’s not hard to see why. Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary or just a Wednesday this cake is sure to be a winner. 

For Goodness Shakes Recovery Milk in Chocolate 

Since starting back up on my fitness and gym routine I’ve been needing to get back into protein powders and shakes. The one I currently had had gone weird so I decided to pick up this Recovery Milk as I find after the gym is the best time for me to have a shake and thus one happened to be on offer. I was so glad I did. It tasted like silky milkshake and I couldn’t get enough. I normally really dislike protein Shakes but this one was delicious and I felt much less sore the next day after having it and that is always a good sideaffect. 
Thanks for Reading 

What are some of your favourites? 

Until next Time x